Monday, August 03, 2020
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Library Journal Book Program

Over the past few months I have encouraged our membership to sign up for the Library Journal program which gets your book in front of librarians in Texas. If selected for a review, your book will then be broadcast to a National database for all Librarians to see.

I am honored and thrilled to announce that our first volume of “Short Stories by Texas Authors” was chosen as one of these ‘select’ books. This is huge for the authors who participated in the contest as it brings them instant exposure for their works.

The most important item is that Texas Author members get more exposure for their books. But, that exposure only works for members of Texas Authors, Inc.

  National exposure for less than $10 a month!  NO organization in the country can say that and still give you much more value for your dollar. If you want to sell books, then being a member of Texas Authors, Inc., is the most cost effective way to get exposure around the country and the world!

As an author, we all want our books in the libraries in the hopes it will help us get more readers, and more sales through book signings, events., etc. Unfortunately, in today’s economy, libraries are getting more and more picky on what books they purchase as their budgets continue to get cut. Thus, they are relaying more and more on eBook programs to have access to more books at a lower cost.

If you have ever attempted to get your book into the local library, you may have run into a few issues, such as they don’t accept books without ‘legit’ reviews or recommendations from journals, or fellow librarian’s. Which is frustrating as you want them to take it, review it and share the information with fellow readers. It seems to be a catch 22 system.

  We have arranged to get your book set up on one such program for only $10 per title. This will not only get you listed in a Texas library system that uses this company, but it will also give you a chance for a book review, and promotion nationwide at no additional cost. This does not matter if the book is new or old.

I know some authors wonder why it is worth their time to get their book into a library since it appears they would not make any money from it. Well, on the outside that’s true. But, over 60% of library readers are known to buy an author’s book if they have read the author in the library. The library acts as a way to test the market and see who is out there and what’s new without investing the money to buy an unknown. Again, it comes back to the above reference, librarians don’t want an unknown, un-reviewed, un-recommended book. They want to give their readers a book, they feel comfortable with.

While this service cannot guarantee a review for each book submitted, it will guarantee that it is listed into their system for librarian’s to see, and that is a major step forward.

If you are interested in this program, simply begin the process by emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so we can get the additional file from you we will need to upload your book(s) into their system. Please keep in mind, that we are dealing with 1,000 titles, so this will be a long process and patients will be required to help me along with the process.