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7 Habits of Highly Successful Authors

Kate Frank

7 Habits of Highly Successful Authors



According to a survey conducted by the Authors Guild in 2015, with 1,400 writers participating, the average author earned less than $11,670 per year from their income as a writer. The landscape for writers has changed dramatically since the democratization of self-publishing came on the scene. Add the change in reader preferences and the likelihood of succeeding as a book author plummets dramatically.

As a writer/author, clearly you have the talent to write the book. Just as clearly, being good at writing does not earn you a good income on its own. It is very hard to get your toe in the door with a traditional publisher. This talk will cover the seven habits a writer needs to develop to rise above the poverty level of being a good writer.

This talk will give you the turn-by-turn guidance for launching the book all ready for the success you deserve. HINT: Your best success is built on a foundation created before you ever write a chapter. This talk will give you the materials for building the foundation well and being ready to launch the book when it is published.



1. Before you publish, you need a content expert to help identify your highly targeted “Ideal Reader”. While you started forming your book with a passion to be an author, you know too much to tell it all in one book. You don’t want to approach your book in a scattered way – by just downloading lots of information. A book coach can help you select and describe your best topics and the people who will be supportive of your expertise. Never write a book for “everyone”…those books always fail in today’s overcrowded marketplace.

  2. You need to get really clear why the book needs to be written. You also want to know where it needs to be marketed and who is hungry for the information you will share. Remember the Stephen Covey advice, “Begin with the End in Mind.” As an author, you are probably too close to the subject to get clarity without an expert asking you questions.

  3. A professional writer should step in when you need them. Some people want to write their entire manuscript – to save money or more efficiently download their thoughts. Getting the help of an experienced writer will help bring your manuscript into the language today’s reader wants. Few people know how to engage the internet-enabled reader. Professional writers will include a final proof editor in their professional services.

  4. A ghostwriter can begin with a consultation, continue with a series of interviews, and write your book without you needing to write a single word. The seasoned ghostwriter will guide you to structure your book in the most effective way for your reading audience. With a strategy in place, your involvement could be no more than six hours of recorded interviews until the complete manuscript is written. This is how famous people get a book written and you can do it too.

  5. People DO judge a book by its cover and the interior design. Nothing screams “amateur” like a poorly designed book. Bad book design has given the self-publishing industry a bad name. Don’t be one of those people.

  6. Digital publishing comes in many forms. The most well-known form is being on Amazon and some people have the training needed to almost guarantee you will reach Top Seller status in at least one category on Amazon. Hiring a good publisher can make the difference between success and failure.

  7. Marketing services are essential to your success. As a published author, you need to be in front of people on a regular basis. Having someone to work with you in marketing makes it all possible. You may need someone to run your social media campaigns, someone to book you for speaking events, someone to publicize your expertise in all sorts of media or other marketing services.


More about Kate Frank

Kate has written about one thousand pieces of content in the last seven years. They are all out on the internet, but you won’t find them because they are published in the name of the author who hired her to ghostwrite for them. As a ghostwriter for more than 100 experts, Kate has proven her ability to offer an unparalleled level of quality to her clients.

In our overwhelmed and internet-crazed world, it’s important to recognize and adapt to the new way the game is played. Crafting words for today’s reader is not for the faint at heart. Kate is phenomenally good at being simple and straightforward. Her coaching and book marketing clients understand the value of her decades marketing for various types of business.

Prior to becoming a ghostwriter, Kate took part in five different published collaboration books between 2004 and 2008. She began writing for national magazines in 1993 and is a highly recognized writer in the nonfiction field.