Monday, August 03, 2020
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Author Self-Narrating Audiobook Toolkit

Kimberly and Drew Hobscheid

Get an Audiobook Created in 90 days or Less (and on a limited budget!)



So you have been thinking about narrating one of your books as an audiobook! Exciting!! It’s time to give your book your VOICE! But how are you going to get started?? What are the tools and technology you will need to make it happen? The process of narrating, editing and mastering an audiobook yourself may seem more than a little overwhelming! Not to worry!

Kimberly and Drew are here to share the Ultimate Narration Toolkit! Hear about and see all the tools and technology you need to create a functioning sound studio in your home or office - and will set you on the path to successfully narrating a professional quality audiobook, suited for uploading onto Audible, iTunes and Amazon!

Note: We personally recommend attending the session “Audiobook BootCamp for Published Authors” before coming to this session. It’s not required, but, yeah, it’s a good idea.



Learn all the pieces and parts to narrating your book in audiobook format. We’ll talk about the following tools and technology:

  • Can I really set up a professional studio in my home?
  • What does an actual home studio look like?
  • What about sound proofing?
  • How do I even get started with technology?
  • What kind of software will I need?
  • I hear the microphone is the most important thing. Is that true?
  • What is a mixer anyway?
  • What audio terminology do I need to learn?
  • Where do I go to buy this stuff?
  • How much is all this going to cost?
  • What are the Audio Quality Requirements for Amazon and Audible?
  • How will I get it uploaded to a Platform like Audible and list it for sale?

We’ll answer all these questions and more!



More about Kimberly and Drew Hobscheid

Kimberly and Drew Hobscheid are a San Diego based Mother / Son audiobook publishing company called I’m Hearing Stories. They help authors create and launch an audiobook in 90 days or less - and on a limited budget.

Their Signature Program is Author’s Audiobook QuickStart Bootcamp, the most comprehensive program on the market that walks you step-by-step from the dream of having an audiobook, to reality in 90 days. Drew and Kimberly have sold hundreds of audiobooks, including several best sellers and look forward to helping you, too!

You can find out more about them at, or