Monday, August 03, 2020
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Twitter for Writers: How to Make Your Tweets Matter

Tui Snider

Twitter for Writers: How to Make Your Tweets Matter



Twitter can be frustrating and seem like a pointless waste of time unless you master a few simple rules. Independent author, Tui Snider, knows this firsthand. She made every mistake in the book with Twitter and was about to give up entirely when a helpful method suddenly clicked for her, and she got a paid monthly writing column - all through the power of a few tweets!

Now, with over 26K Twitter followers and a Klout score in the 70’s, Tui Snider offers easy tips for how writers at all stages of their career can use Twitter to boost their social media reach, sell books, find paid writing opportunities and build their brand – all while having fun and making friends around the world! 



Tui Snider’s course explains:

What is Twitter?

Twitter vs Facebook: different strategies needed 

Is Twitter right for you?

Exactly how Twitter can lead to: 

     paid writing gigs

     magazine assignments

     radio interviews

     book signings

     book sales… and more!


What gives your tweets traction - or not?

When to Tweet

To automate - yes or no?

The importance of Twitter chats

4 different ways people use Twitter

The best ways for writers to use Twitter

3 Common mistakes authors make on Twitter

6 Key factors for writers to Shine on Twitter

Planning your own Twitter strategy for 20 minutes a day




Learn More:

Although this presentation was originally created by request for the State of the Writing Profession Breakfast at the 2016 Conference of College Teachers of English, according to Tui Snider, I have given an informal version of this talk at nearly every author event I’ve attended. Why? Because other authors can’t believe all the wonderful opportunities that have come my way through Twitter. I love showing them how 20 minutes a day on Twitter can reap powerful results.” 

To learn more about Tui Snider, visit:, and of course, follow her on Twitter: @TuiSnider


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