Monday, July 13, 2020
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Texas Authors & Indie Beacon Membership Value

Rox Burkey

Texas Authors & Indie Beacon Membership Value



Being a part of Texas Authors provides you with resources dedicated to supporting you as a Texas Author and your books.

Having a partnership with the organization means you are part of a win/win. As a partner it means you are given the tools and it is up to you to get the most out of the organization as either a new about to be published author or established author.


What is Texas Authors & Indie Beacon?

What are the tools available to you What is the marketing reach you can tap into Details on the Texas Authors point System (TAPS) Discounts for Book Festivals and events Discounts for printing and audio advertisements Live aired interviews on DEAR Texas Support for social media posts to over 30,000 followers Assistance for video taping, marketing materials, and placement in virtual book store

Learn More:

Rox Burkey provides workshops and speeches on Customer Experience optimization. She is an active member of Texas Authors and at events you can see her talking to people and sharing some of the benefits of Texas Authors. She is one of the hostesses of DEAR Texas and passionate about people networking and collaborating.


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