Monday, July 13, 2020
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Marketing Tips for the Golden Age of Audiobooks

Richard Rieman

Marketing Tips for the Golden Age of Audiobooks



Audiobooks are the fastest growing way to publish, with sales up 20-30% for 3 years in a row! Audible listening is up 38%.

At the same time, the cost of producing an audiobook has continues to fall, with opportunities to create an audio version for little or no money up front. Here is how to make more money from your existing content.


* Why audiobooks are the fastest growing way to publish your book

* How to determine if an audiobook version of your book will work

* The essential steps to create your audiobook

* Self-publishing options on Amazon’s ACX and beyond

* How to lower your costs in making an audiobook

* How to promote and market your audiobook

* How to get your audiobook in the best Audible categories

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Richard Rieman started giving a voice to the words of some wonderful authors after a career of telling news stories into radio news microphones at the RKO Radio Networks and radio stations in Chicago, New York, and Washington DC.

Richard is a top Audible narrator and audiobook self-publishing authority. He has won five EVVY audiobook awards from CIPA, the Colorado Independent Publishers Assn. and the Global eBook Award in Writing/Publishing for his book, "The Author's Guide to Audiobook Creation."

Richard credits reading to his children in his "wizard" and "monster" voices for putting him on the path to audiobook success.


Handout: Audiobook marketing and creation tips and resources