Monday, July 13, 2020
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How to create a Table at an Event

B Alan Bourgeois

How to create a Table at an Event



During this session, B Alan Bourgeois will walk you through step by step in how to create a table for a book festival, or other type of event. Then he will show you do’s and don’ts on what to do during the event that can affect how people see you and respond to you.


Do you have a table cloth?

Do you decorate your table?

Do you offer sale prices?

Do you act aggressive towards a potential customer?

Do you offer SWAG?

And many other details that go into presenting a more successful welcoming table presentation.

Learn More:

Bourgeois has worked with authors for the past 7 years attending over 200 book festival events and programs. At each event he walks through the tables and watches authors on how they present themselves. He learned from those that were successful and from those that were not. Using what he has learned, he has created a simple system that will help any author in promoting themselves and their book(s) or other related material. This will be a fun and eye opening session.


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