Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Help! My Press Releases Aren’t Getting Me Any Press!

Lorri Allen

Help! My Press Releases Aren’t Getting Me Any Press!



In this interactive session with a veteran guest scheduler, find out why your press releases don’t work.


Media trainer Lorri Allen will answer your questions, starting with the basics:

• What’s a press release and why do I need one?

• What are journalists and looking for in a press release?

• What other elements must it have?

• Is it a “press” release or a “news” release?

• Do I need a professional to write one for me?

• How do I make my release stand out?

• Where do I send it?

Author Lorri Allen teaches this material at the college level, and she will share personal stories of press releases that caught her attention (and why she instantly deleted some) over 4 years of booking guests for a national morning show.

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Journalist Lorri Allen was single for 33 years, so she has a place in her heart for singles. She has struggled with weight, so she has compassion for situations that make women feel helpless. She's been married long enough to know about the joys and work involved. Through it all, Lorri has found strength in the love of Jesus, so she has been speaking to encourage others since the early 90's.


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