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GPS to Author Success

Kate Frank

GPS to Author Success



Way too many aspiring authors fail. It’s not their fault. They have a brilliant book to share with the world. They begin writing based on their passion for the subject matter, their unique perspective and a desire to delight the readers. Then thousands of exceptionally talented authors wait for the sales to take place and become extremely disappointed.

This talk will give you the turn-by-turn guidance for launching the book all ready for the success you deserve. HINT: Your best success is built on a foundation created before you ever write a chapter. This talk will give you the materials for building the foundation well and being ready to launch the book when it is published.



• Uncover the BIG WHY for writing your book - Your why drives your success

• Clearly identify the individual IDEAL READER - Direct the book's language to the reader's wants and needs

• Decide which audience groups are your TRIBE - Strategize how to best reach them with your message

• Decide WHICH BOOK should be written now - Select what information is best to save for the next book

• Outline steps to build a FOUNDATION OF SUPPORTERS - Engage this core group to prepare for book launch

• Leverage systems for engaging BETA READERS - Find those willing to give feedback, before and after the book launch

• Find your book's cheerleaders and POTENTIAL ENDORSERS - Devise ways to reward them for being involved

• Be guided each step and become a SUCCESSFUL AUTHOR  


More about Kate Frank

Kate has written about one thousand pieces of content in the last seven years. They are all out on the internet, but you won’t find them because they are published in the name of the author who hired her to ghostwrite for them. As a ghostwriter for more than 100 experts, Kate has proven her ability to offer an unparalleled level of quality to her clients.

In our overwhelmed and internet-crazed world, it’s important to recognize and adapt to the new way the game is played. Crafting words for today’s reader is not for the faint at heart. Kate is phenomenally good at being simple and straightforward. Her coaching and book marketing clients understand the value of her decades marketing for various types of business.

Prior to becoming a ghostwriter, Kate took part in five different published collaboration books between 2004 and 2008. She began writing for national magazines in 1993 and is a highly recognized writer in the nonfiction field.